For EU residents

EU citizens have the right to freedom of movement and settlement in any other EU country, taking into account the basic requirements and conditions set out in the legal acts of the European Union.

Basic Law, ensuring the existence of the principle of freedom of movement and residence, and fixing the rights of its citizens of EU is the Directive of the European Parliament and Council 2004/38 / EC of 29.04.2004.

This document provides the right to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States of the Union to EU citizens and their family members.

Thus, the uniform conditions for living and working for EU citizens and their family members, as well as the scope of the rights and freedoms of citizens are established and the status of persons, depending on the aggravating circumstances (workers, unemployed, students, self-employed persons) is defined.

EU citizens have the following rights and opportunities:

EU citizens may enter the territory of other Member States without the need for registration of any visa  with their family members, who, in turn, may not be EU citizens. Also, they have the opportunity to be employed without the need to receive a work permit (such authorization is required for persons from third countries outside the EU).

The freedom of movement ensures the right for employment, namely residence for the entire working period for EU members ensuring the right of access to the labor market, various tax benefits and equal (in comparison with the locals) working conditions.

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