For non-residents of EU

Search and employment for work abroad is quite complicated and troublesome task for the applicant, but due to the need for specialists and workers, there are opportunities for employment both to  companies as well as for seasonal work.

Option 1:

EU Blue Card – a residence permit with the right to get employed which may be issued to highly qualified specialists from countries other than EU countries.
Blue Card does not give the right to get employed  in EU country other than in one having issued the above mentioned Blue Card.

If the employer is interested in you as an employee, the formalities associated with the invitation and the work permit will be regulated by the employer.

You should pay attention to the fact that, taking into account the overall specificity and needs in execution of documents for employees, employers are very demanding as for the selection of employees. For some professions, proof of the diploma, and sometimes passing courses and recertification are required.

Option 2:

Unskilled labor. As a rule, this applies to seasonal workers (working on farms, greenhouses) and workers for the enterprises. In this case, everything is easier, because there is no need to confirm the degree and pass recertification. In this case, you will need a visa  and the will to work.

In fact, there are many options to work in Europe, and each of them has its advantages. Having applied to us, you will avoid all the troubles concerning finding a job, paperwork and visas  and other issues which the person traveling abroad for a work can confront.

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